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Development in China is about decongesting and depopulating cities, says Beatrice Leanza

The fifth and final part of VDF's collaboration with reSITE sees London architecture studio WallaceLiu discuss working in China and the West with MAAT executive director Beatrice Leanza in a talk moderated by Yoko Choy, editor of Wallpaper* China.


"Corporations are beginning to sound a lot like governments" says Bianca Wylie at reSITE conference

Open-government advocate Bianca Wylie discusses her concerns over smart-city project Sidewalk Toronto in the fourth VDF talk in collaboration with reSITE.


The building of the future will be "an ecosystem by itself" says architect Chris Precht

The third lecture from today's collaboration between VDF and reSITE sees Chris Precht of studio Precht explain his mission to design buildings that serve both environmental and emotional needs.


Marianthi Tatari explains how UNStudio designed "the smartest neighbourhood in the world"

For the second lecture screened exclusively for the VDF x reSITE collaboration, Marianthi Tatari of Dutch architect UNStudio talks about how technology can help architects design neighbourhoods that serve people better.


"Creativity is the ultimate renewable energy" says Ravi Naidoo in the first reSITE lecture shared with VDF

VDF teams up with reSITE today, with the Prague conference sharing five lectures from its 2019 conference starting with Design Indaba founder Ravi Naidoo's talk about the South African design platform he founded in 1995.


"We have a tendency to look at representations of new cities as a kind of pornography" said Michael Sorkin

Ahead of Monday's collaboration between Virtual Design Festival and reSITE , the Prague urbanism conference has shared a video of a lecture by Michael Sorkin, in which the late architect and critic quashes the lure of glamorised future city proposals.


UNStudio’s Marianthi Tatari Explores Human-Centered Smart Cities in reSITE Podcast

Design and the City is a podcast by reSITE, raising questions and proposing solutions for the city of the future. In the sixth episode, Marianthi Tatari, Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio, talks about creating inclusive spaces to connect people and generating 24/7 activity within their projects.


Yosuke Hayano From MAD Architects Shares His Creative Process in reSITE Podcast

Design and the City is a podcast by reSITE, raising questions and proposing solutions for the city of the future. In the fifth episode, Yosuke Hayano, principal partner for MAD Architects, talks about Creating Emotional Connections to Nature. Always asking “How do you bring modern architecture into the future and connect humans with nature?” Hayano discusses the creative approach of the firm.

Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE | Dezeen's Virtual Design Festival will host a reSITE Day

On April 27, reSITE will join Dezeen's Virtual De- sign Festival, the world's first online design event. The event is taking place from Wednesday, the 15th of April 2020, onwards.

PRESS RELEASE | reSITE představí celodenní program na prvním Virtual Design Festivalu, pořádaném platformou Dezeen

V pondělí 27. dubna se reSITE připojí ke globálnímu online festivalu, který inicioval Dezeen a zakladatel platformy, Marcus Fairs. Virtual Design Festival je vůbec první světovou akcí tohoto formátu, věnovanou designu, architektuře a umění.


Design and the City - a podcast by reSITE about the ways we can use design to make cities more livable and lovable kicks off with Heatherwick Studios founder, Thomas Heatherwick.

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