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MAD Partner Yosuke Hayano Explains How MAD's Projects Trigger People’s Emotions In reSITE Conference

reSITE, a global non-profit organization and event to improve the urban environment, has released the lecture of Yosuke Hayano, Principal Partner at MAD, from its 2019 REGENERATE Conference, which was held from 19-20 September 2019 in Prague's Forum Karlin.

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Different Types Of Collaborations Make The Ways Of Urban Regeneration More Open, Says Leona Lynen

Leona Lynen, a Berlin-based urbanist and a member of ZUsammenKUNFT, a cooperative for urban development, advocating for cooperation between civil society and administration in order to co-create a different quality of the city.

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Emmanuel Pratt Explains How His Sweet Water Foundation Creates Regenerative Neighborhood Development

Emmanuel Pratt is artist, architect, and community organizer and co-founder of a non-profit Sweet Water Foundation based in Chicago.

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Tatari: "We Don't Only Design Buildings But We Create Nodes Out Of Research Out Of Designs"

Marianthi Tatari, Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio based in Amsterdam, is the sixth guest of reSITE's podcast series, titled "Design and the City".

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"East Meets West" Panel Discussion Reinterrogates Our Values In The Process Of Regeneration

A 20-minute discussion, moderated by Yoko Choy, editor of Wallpaper* China, includes guests London-based studio WallaceLiu and MAAT executive director Beatrice Leanza.

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Yosuke Hayano Shares MAD's Vision For The Future City Connected With Nature In reSITE's Podcast

Yosuke Hayano, Principal Partner of MAD Architects, is the fifth guest of reSITE's podcast series, titled "Design and the City" which was announced in February 2020.

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"Design Is More Than What You Think It Is" Says Design Indaba's Ravi Naidoo In reSITE Conference

"All the time, with the experimentation what we are saying in the public domain is; design is more than what you think it is and it is very very important," says Ravi Naidoo, founder of South African design event Design Indaba, at the reSITE REGENERATE Conference.

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Leona Lynen Discusses How To Fight Gentrification With A Berlin Project In reSITE's Podcast

Leona Lynen, a Berlin-based urbanist and a member of ZUsammenKUNFT, a cooperative for urban development, is the fourth guest of reSITE's podcast series, titled "Design and the City".

Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE | Design and the City Season 2

reSITE is excited to announce the launch of the second season of the podcast Design and the City. Our podcast aims to share ideas on how to create more livable and lovable cities through as many different lenses as we can. reSITE is a global platform connecting people and ideas to improve the urban environment, and typically, this would happen though live events hosted in Prague and other European cities. The podcast is an ideal format to tackle the same issues in the virtual environment and stay connected to discuss a better future, together.

PRESS RELEASE | Dezeen's Virtual Design Festival will host a reSITE Day

On April 27, reSITE will join Dezeen's Virtual Design Festival, the world's first online design event. The event is taking place from Wednesday, the 15th of April 2020, onwards.

PRESS RELEASE | reSITE představí celodenní program na prvním Virtual Design Festivalu, pořádaném platformou Dezeen

V pondělí 27. dubna se reSITE připojí ke globálnímu online festivalu, který inicioval Dezeen a zakladatel platformy, Marcus Fairs. Virtual Design Festival je vůbec první světovou akcí tohoto formátu, věnovanou designu, architektuře a umění.

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