Back to School, Back to reSITE

reSITE offers discounted registration for full-time students to attend reSITE 2019 REGENERATE.

This year at reSITE, we are bringing another diverse roster of inspiring speakers from all over the globe to sharing inspiration from the world’s most desirable cities to our 360-degree stage. Architects, designers, curators, activists, and regenerators - all who are rethinking and remaking the cities at every scale, restoring their respective communities, and seeking ways to rejuvenate the urban environment while reaching for sustainability.

reSITE’s impact is not meant to be just measured in years⁠—but decades.

Nurturing the next generation of urban actors in the city by exposing them to current challenges that cities all over the globe are facing and what is being done about it, we hope to change the way we interact with sustainability and regeneration in future approaches to city-making. We hope by providing opportunities through accessible pricing, we can encourage students to attend this year’s installment of reSITE.

Find out how meaningful your [future] work can be. Two days at reSITE might influence your career path more than five years at school.

You never know who you might connect with at reSITE!

Any and all full-time students are eligible for reSITE’s student pass, giving them access to all lectures and panel discussions, the live mic stage plus the use of the exclusive conference social app as well as access to networking opportunities and parties.

*All students are required to show an ID/ISIC or an official letter confirming their full-time student status at the registration desk on the day of the conference*

Want to get more involved ?

Find out how you can volunteer at REGENERATE, get more experience as an intern with reSITE!

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Calling all female city-makers to reSITE 2019 REGENERATE

reSITE aims to do its part in elevating female voices as an opportunity to achieve social balance in architecture and design. By bringing together all different backgrounds we can create provocative conversations around the regeneration of cities that reflect the needs of everyone.

Let's REGENERATE our Future Cities at reSITE 2019

reSITE 2019 REGENERATE brings a global community of city-makers to Prague full of eagerness to inspire to create an impact on the future of our cities this September 19-20

Meet The Up-and-Coming Green-Powered Regenerators

Every year at reSITE, architects who are breaking away from the mold are always part of the roster. This year, we are bringing in actors regenerating their cities and communities for more resiliency in times of climate change. Join the conversation on September 19-20th in Prague.

Meet a New Generation of Urban Activists Reshaping Our Cities

In a world where cities are evolving at exponential rates, adaptation is key. Many cities have been stuck in the same decaying cycle leading to their decline, hurting its very own citizens, both young and old alike. Meet a new generation of activists with urbanist agendas at reSITE 2019 REGENERATE

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