Designing on a Human Scale with Thomas Heatherwick

For Thomas Heatherwick, architecture and urban design go hand-in-hand. Like with all of his projects, he strives to consider them from a human scale capturing the essence of what already exists. His holistic approach brings a thoughtful dimension to architecture, design and urban spaces. Joining the interview is ArchDaily editor, Christele Harrouk, to explore deeper into how Heatherwick approaches his projects with an inspiring amount of integrity and humility.

Design and the City, is a podcast produced by reSITE about the ways we can use design to make cities more livable and lovable. reSITE is a global non-profit acting to improve the urban environment, both on the stage at our events, and off.

We work at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, politics, culture, and economics, acting as a catalyst for social action and innovative leadership. We encourage the exchange of ideas about making cities more livable, competitive, resilient, inclusive, mobile and designed with humans in mind to protect and public space, architecture, and sustainable development in cities.

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What is Design with Ravi Naidoo

Exuberant. Optimistic. Romantic. Three words Ravi Naidoo, the advocate who put African design on the map, used to describe himself. Ravi's story is one of reinvention. Just as South Africa was entering a period of newly found democracy, Ravi found an impetus to change his career. Over 20 years later, he is the driving force behind Design Indaba, arguably the most influential design event in the world. The event takes place in Cape Town every year, and it's only the tip of the iceberg. They consider themselves a do-tank, rather than a think-tank, pushing the boundaries of design with the simple question—what is design for?

Human-Centered Smart Cities with Marianthi Tatari

As a true systems thinker, Marianthi Tatari, Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio, takes a scalar approach to design, addressing issues of experience and sense of place in various scales and typologies. During our discussion, we dissect different aspects of city-making that threaten the quality of life such as monofunctional spaces and commoditized smart cities and how to approach designing them with optimism.

Creating Emotional Connections to Nature with Yosuke Hayano

"How do you bring modern architecture into the future and connect humans with nature?” That is the question Yosuke Hayano, principal partner for MAD Architects brings to the table when the studio approaches any of their projects. They are creating a vision for the future city. As they’ve put it, they have been “committed to developing futuristic, organic, technologically advanced designs that embody a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity for nature”. During our interview with Yosuke, we examined how they are able to create that vision as a journey for people to meet nature through architecture.

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