Play An Urban Board Game With #reSITE2016

Would you like to find a solution to a city problem by … playing a game?

Would you like to find a solution to a city problem by … playing a game? Ekim Tan, the founder of the Amsterdam and Istanbul-based city consultancy PLAY the CITY, which helps governments and market parties effectively collaborate with stakeholders, will organize an urban game for all participants of reSITE2016 Cities In Migration.

reSITE is an international conference and urban festival that Prague will host on June 16–17, 2016. On the second day of festival, all attendees (up to 800!) will be able to interact and collaborate with each other in an extraordinary way — by playing an urban planning “board game” and solving a challenge!

The moderator of this workshop, Dr. Ekim Tan, has developed the City Gaming Method through her architectural practice and as a result of her Ph.D. thesis at the Architecture Faculty of Delft University of Technology, Department of Urbanism. Since then, the method of City Gaming has been applied worldwide, in cities like Istanbul, Amsterdam, Shenzhen, Tirana, Cape Town, and Brussels. reSITE 2016 will host the biggest game! If you’d like to learn more about the concept, watch Ekim’s impressive TEDx talk.

Don’t miss an experience that will bring you to a new level of thinking. You can learn how to think as a city maker, find different approaches to your work, generate more ideas and make them happen. There aren’t many tickets left!

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