reSITE 2018 Wins Event of the Year!

reSITE's flagship event won Best Event of the Year for 2018's ACCOMMODATE. Insisting on an uncompromised content quality, design and experiences, reSITE convinced the jury and won the first prize in the Best self-produced event category. The Awards are organized by the Czech Events Association, member of the BEA (Best Event Association) World Festival. It was the very first time our team applied in the contest, and won!

Thank you to all of our speakers who made it an amazing experience and all the creative and production collaborators for bringing our most crazy ideas to life.

We would like to namely thank our production partner Quix Event, our graphic design genius partner Studio Najbrt as well as our partners, sponsors, benefactors, media partners and supporters. A very special thanks go to all the visitors - active participants of the interactive event and the ones who are the best ambassadors of our vision and ideas in their daily relentless work to make cities better places for the next generation.

Who is ready for reSITE 2019?

“We work again with the winning team, and keep focusing on creating memorable experiences for the participants, maintain our editorial independence and create a unique space for vanguard conversation on cities which doesn’t happen elsewhere. We are grateful to all the 500+ world class speakers who shared their bold ideas on our stages in Prague, Lisbon and Berlin. We can’t wait to host the next game-changing event in Prague and our future international projects in new cities,” commented Martin Barry.

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