reSITE short films featured in New Zealand

The selection includes reSITE's talks with Kathryn Gustafson, Mimi Hoang, Leni Schwendinger and the Financial Times writer Henry Foy.

Four short film treasures from reSITE's library will be highligned by the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architecture during an evening of short movies called Landscape of Film. The event held on August 3rd will explore urban planning and town development.

No worries if you can't attend the event: you can watch those reSITE talks right now, below. Enjoy, share, and discuss!

Kathryn Gustafson about the In/Visible City

"Landscape is not just a park - it's everything around you”. This reSITE Small Talk with Kathryn Gustafson discusses how making cities healthy is our responsibility. She is an internationally acclaimed landscape architect who is renowned for creating very artistic, sculpture-like landscape forms that enable people to engage in their surroundings, interact with others, perceive how a landscape feels - and why the way it does so - and how their body becomes an integral part of that landscape. In Prague, we met her in the heart of the fastest developing district, Karlin.

Mimi Hoang about shrinking spaces

Mimi Hoang is an architect and Co-founding Principal at nArchitects in New York City. Here, she talks about architecture, cities, public space, private space, affordable housing, apartments, interior design and layout. She explains her project about microunit apartments, a new, novel and sustainable way live alone or with a small family in big cities like New York City. Microunits are small apartments for small families. They are efficient and cost effective. Mimi and her partner, Eric Bunge, run the exciting architecture studio and firm called nArchitects in Brooklyn, New York. They have worked on major buildings and public spaces such as the Chicago Navy Pier.

Leni Schwendinger designing cities' nightime.

"Night time is a new place. It's a time-space." How to create a 24-hour city, by utilising thoughtful lighting design? Leni Schwendiger, globally renowned expert, Founder of NightSeeing™ and former leader of lighting design at ARUP knows everything about lights in cities and public space.

Henry Foy on migration to CEE larger cities

Henry Foy speaks on how investors and developers must adapt to the migration of the younger generation in central Europe’s largest cities such as Budapest and Krakow to make sure that the environment they are creating reflects the identity of the younger generation of migrants. Foy is the Central Europe Correspondent for the Financial Times, based in Warsaw. He covers Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the wider CEE region for the world's most trusted financial newspaper. Foy writes across the unfolding political, economic and business stories, delivering a global perspective on one of the world's fastest-developing and most interesting regions. Previously the FT's award-winning Motor Industry Correspondent, Henry joined the paper after three years as a reporter for Reuters in New Delhi and Mumbai, India.

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