reSITE's Top 5 Videos of 2018

Over the past year, reSITE has hosted an impressive roster of events featuring innovators and their powerful ideas on how to improve the urban environment. Through architecture, engineering, and smart design, these leaders are cultivating strong collaborative spaces around the world. Here are our top 5 videos of those inspiring events.

As architects you really want to be the driver of content.
Elizabeth Diller

Elizabeth Diller, founding partner of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, talks sound and space with reSITE at RESONATE conference. She elucidates the importance of sound in architecture and the evolving role of the architect in an increasingly multidisciplinary world.

We can create spaces that will take people into environments that they’ve never experienced…
John Meyer

reSITE sits down with Michael Jones, senior partner at London-based Foster + Partners, along with experts from Meyer Sound, including founders John and Helen Meyer and senior engineer/project director John Pellowe to talk sound and space at RESONATE. Michael Jones delves into the challenges of designing the Bloomberg building, while Meyer Sound experts explain the “invisible architecture” of their Constellation Acoustic System.

Michel Rojkind from Rojkind Arquitectos, reSITE 2018

If architecture becomes the hardware, who is designing the software?
Michel Rojkind

In his thought-provoking talk Rojkind asking the question: is architecture enough? Rojkind was a key speaker at reSITE 2018. Michel Rojkind was born in Mexico City, where he studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana. In 2002 he founded Rojkind Arquitectos (2005, “Design Vanguard”), an architecture firm focusing on design, business tactics and experiential innovation exploring innovative architectural solutions, social and urban strategies that positively impact our society and the environment. Business Magazine ProMéxico named Michel Rojkind as one of the 50 personalities in “50 Mexican Names in the Global Creative Scene”. Rojkind was mentioned as “... one of the most influential architects in the Mexican contemporary scene” by Forbes.

Manifesto Winter Market with Martin Barry

There are Christmas markets all over central Europe, but we wanted to do something different here in Prague. We wanted to have young contemporary designers and a mix of local and international food.
Martin Barry

Martin Barry, the founder and visionary of Manifesto Market, unveils the Winter edition of this unique alternative space. Lovers of design, artisanal products and top quality food and gastronomy. The market offers unique design igloos, 20 restaurants and street food concepts created by the chefs of Prague's top culinary spots. You can also treat yourself with crabs, seafood and oysters at Matteo de Carli's Ryba je ryba. Find original gifts among the selection of top 100 local designers curated by Lemarket. Roast a marshmallow over open fire. Explore local and international cuisines and of course, stroll the market with a cup or hot punch, mulled wine or other adult winter cocktail.

Sou Fujimoto, Sou Fujimoto Arquitects at reSITE 2018

There is a fundamental similarity between nature and the messy city. Structurally, Tokyo and nature are the same.
Sou Fujimoto, Sou Fujimoto Architects

Sou Fujimoto recalls his background and how this has influenced his way to design and create architectonic masterpieces. Awarded and celebrated all around the world the works od Sou Fujimoto Architects always plays with the balance between nature and architecture.

The relation of nature in the built world are the main guiding thread in this lecture of Sou Fujimoto in Prague's reSITE 2018, helping understand projects like the Serpentine Pavilion of 2013 or Milles Arbres in Paris.

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