Watch the reSITE 2018 ACCOMMO­DATE Trailer

Define and design the future of housing and the housing of the future at reSITE 2018.

This year in Prague we ask - is it time to reconsider what a better city looks like? The tide has clearly lifted all boats over the last few decades of urban development, yet gentrification and rising costs of living pose considerable challenges for city leaders, investors, planners and architects to design a city that works for everyone.

Who is behind the visual identity of reSITE 2018?

reSITE is working again with the Prague-based Studio Najbrt, one of the most admired graphic design artists working for the most prestigious cultural brands.

Thanks to the team!

Art Direction: Zuzana Lednicka, design Andrea Vacovska, Animation and 3D model Zdenek Tinkewitz, Illustrations Jan Sramek.

Trailer credits

Animation Studio Najbrt, Editing Ales Paroulek, footage courtesy of Canal 180 & Black Pear Label & iStock

Creative direction: Radka Ondrackova

(c) reSITE 2018

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