Web Summit is back!

Lisbon will become Europe's tech capital again: WebSummit is back!

Eighteen months after the global pandemic took hold, virtually devastating events and cultural affairs, one of the biggest tech conferences in the world will resume its in-person Lisbon-based event on Nov 1-4th, 2021.

Web Summit is an annual tech conference that sits at the intersection of technology and innovation and presents groundbreaking brands, products and ideas aiming at changing our world and everyday lives. As the Atlantic put it, the event is “where the future goes to be born”. As we look forward to that future with all its uncertainty, now is the moment where tech evolution collides with some of the most pivotal innovations—often born as a response to crises.

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The city of Lisbon is a bonus, so close to our hearts, as reSITE experienced one of its own highlights at the bank of Tagus river— RESONATE.

In terms of our cities, technology will continue to play an integral role in shaping our urban environments and redefining the role of built structures as we know them. It holds power to create smarter, more sustainable, more efficient, more inclusive cities. And while we learn the new potential, we also have to take seriously the new risks associated to it and security—where else than at the Web Summit 2021. Will you be there?

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Adam Greenfield on the Dangers of Smart Cities

Adam Greenfield challenges the popular concept of “smart cities”, warning against the danger it posses of strictly central planning. He argues that as a discourse, smart cities have nothing to do with cities, treating our urban environments as a market commodity.

Marianthi Tatari on Building the Smartest City in the World

Associate Director and Senior Architect and UNStudio, Marianthi Tatari believes that technology can play a role in creating more sustainable cities and applies an optimistic approach to its role in our public spaces in lieu of the growing controversies.

Leni Schwendinger on Nighttime Design for the 24-Hour City

Leni Schwendinger, the founder of NightSeeing™ and the International Nighttime Design Initiative, discusses the role of lighting design to create a 24-hour city, aiming to utilize lighting design to activate after-hours urban spaces, where people in public feel safe and included.

Bianca Wylie on the Power of the Collective

Bianca Wylie has made waves in the urban design world for speaking out against digital surveillance by casting a spotlight on the implications of the mining of that data by private corporations and the commoditization of the data gathered from citizens in public spaces.

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Human-Centered Smart Cities with Marianthi Tatari

Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio, Marianthi Tatari, dissects different aspects of city-making that threaten the quality of life such as mono-functional spaces and commoditized smart cities and how to approach designing them with optimism. Photo courtesy of UNStudio

Giving Design a Higher Purpose with Ravi Naidoo

Ravi Naidoo, the driving force behind Design Indaba, arguably the most influential design event in the world. The event takes place annually in Cape Town is only the tip of the iceberg. Listen as he pushes the boundaries of the purpose design holds with the simple question—what is design for? Photo courtesy of Design Indaba

Vishaan Chakrabarti on Creating an Architecture of Belonging

Listen to Vishaan Chakrabarti on the future of mobility, designing streets as public spaces, and creating an architecture of belonging on this episode of Design and the City

Winy Maas on Dipping Our Planet in Green

Design and the City is back with the first episode of our second season featuring co-founder of MVRDV, Winy Maas, in conversation with Martin Barry on greening our cities, his latest projects, and how constructive criticism leads to productivity. Listen now!

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