Women REGENERATE Cities at reSITE 2019

reSITE encourages women across disciplines of design, architecture, city leadership to attend the annual conference reSITE 2019 REGENERATE focused on urban regeneration.

Since the beginning, reSITE has worked to strike gender balance both on the stage and in the audience. By bringing together a diverse roster of speakers, we believe we can create provocative conversations around regeneration and quality of life that reflect the different needs of inhabitants, creating more socially balanced communities.

The existing gender imbalance in architecture and design is reflected in conferences or events. reSITE is the exception.
Martin Barry, Founder

This year at REGENERATE, we will welcome an outstanding portfolio of women, experts in their discipline to speak on our 360-degree stage.

The Urban Regenerators

This year’s theme on regeneration spans across multiple disciplines of city-making, including sectors of govenment taking climate-change head on in a few forward-thinking European cities with a theme of urban regeneration.

Anni Sinnemäki, Helsinki's Deputy Mayor of the Urban Environment has set her sites on making the Finnish capital carbon neutral by 2035, while Almada mayor, Inês de Medeiros has implemented a local sustainable development strategy based on the principles of the United Nations Plan of Action Plan for the Portuguese city.

Berlin-based Leona Lynen is the project manager for the German capital’s massive regeneration project, Haus der Statistik in the heart of Alexanderplatz, which will be home to a complex of cultural, municipal and residential spaces.

The Architects

We are excited to welcome a few female architects who are setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of what the future of architecture could be.

UNStudio + Marianthi Tatari’s smart neighborhood “Brainport Smart District “ in the Netherlands, may be the model-example of a smart city done right - where residents produce their own resources and control the use of their data.

Jee Liu, co-founder of WallaceLiu shows us that micro-regeneration projects such as highway-turned-green space, Yannan Avenue can have a big impact on a city’ and it's citizen's health.

UK-based Eva Jiřičná, founder of AI-DESIGN uses her expertise to renovate historic buildings, and therefore revitalize neighborhoods by creating fresh design spaces across her native Czech Republic as well as the UK.

The Activists

Known for their outspoken voices on urbanism and quality of life standards, these women have become pinnacles of modern architecture criticism in their own right.

Tech Reset founder, Bianca Wylie has been called the Jane Jacobs of Smart Cities, blowing the whistle on the technology companies meddling in public spaces for data-harvest, and ultimately, profit. Most notably she has been criticle of Google's sister compamny, Sidewalk Labs proposed development on Toronto's Quayside.

Kate Wagner, founder of the funny-because-its-true McMansion Hell blog which picks apart American “luxury homes,” exposing them for the extreme waste of resources and heinous architecture that they really are while her sarcasm makes architecture criticism more accessible.

The Curators

These three names are some of the heavy hitters in terms of rethinking and regenerating art design and architecture. Beatrice Galilee, a New York-based curator, critic, writer, researcher, lecturer in architecture and design, her vision and enquiring mind has taken her to be associate curator at The MET in New York, and beyond.

The founder of The Global School in China, Beatrice Leanza, has curated the “Across Chinese Cities” exhibition at the last three Venice Biennale’s portraying the best example of east meets west. reSITE returner, Solène Wolff is a Berlin-based content strategist for PLANE-SITE and High Envisioned, working in the field of architecture and urban development and exploring the interface between urban forms and interconnected socio-economical fields such as culture and sustainability.

The Media Queens

A few notable women whole hold the throne as prolific media experts across design, architecture, and cities will set the tone for regenerative panel discussions.

Wallpaper Magazine editor, and co-founder of Collective Contemporist, Yoko Choy, as well as reSITE alum, designboom founder + editor-in-cheif, Birgit Lohmann.

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