Nik Naudts

Senior Collaborator (Architecture Workroom Brussels)

Brussels (BE)

Nik Naudts graduated in 2006 with a master in engineering sciences - architecture at the University of Ghent. After his studies, he worked as a researcher and designer at various studios and firms, including Guy Châtel’s ss/axx, West 8 and 51N4E. Since 2010, he has been working on a freelance basis. His projects are often small-scale but specific and change-oriented projects in which ambition and sobriety engage in dialogue; they range from exploratory design of flood-resistant building blocks in New Orleans to sustainable recreational areas in the Netherlands. His work clearly demonstrates the belief that modest spatial interventions can also form part of an ambitious future story. 


Nik has applied the ‘spatialisation’ of major social changes on a daily basis as a senior design researcher in many projects by Architecture Workroom Brussels. He commutes back and forth between environments, scales, terms, functions, ambitions and actors. This dynamic is an integral part of his investigative, designing, guiding and steering role within AWB. 


Nik is supported by Flanders State of Art.

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