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Kazuyo Sejima | reSITE Small Talk

Kazuyo Sejima, founding partner of Tokyo-based SANAA discusses her approach to design in the modern world.

Nighttime Design for the 24-Hour City

Leni Schwendinger, founder of NightSeeing™ and formerly global urban lighting leader from Arup discusses the role of lighting design to create a 24-hour city.

Innovation, Paris Style

Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris discusses the on-going, 5-year project supporting Paris including the "Reinventer Paris" contest.

reSITE Small Talks

Landscape is Everything Around You

"Landscape is not just a park - its everything around you”. This reSITE Small Talk with Kathryn Gustafson discusses how making cities healthy is our responsibility.

8 Biggest Problems of All Cities

Jean-Louis Missika, the Deputy Mayor of Paris, shares his answers fitted in 3 minutes from the garden of the baroque Palais Buquoy in Prague.

Teddy Cruz | reSITE Small Talks

We spoke with Teddy Cruz while he was visiting the latest Ai Weiwei's Law of the Journey exhibition at Prague's National Gallery (Veletrzni Palac).

Reactivating Dead Space in the City

Gilly Karjevsky is a Berlin-based independent artist and curator, aiming to facilitate the integration of artists into processes of urban design and urban planning.

Featured Talks

Why Dreaming Is Essential: Winy Maas

"Don't think in blocks, don't think in buildings. Think in connections only." - Winy Maas

Choose awe. Choose your future | reSITE Prague

Choose awe. Choose to dream. To think differently. To challenge everything about the future of our lives, in our city, in your city. We want to be awe of a city in lights.

Rethinking Border Zones As Potential For Political Creativity

"Political neutrality is a complicity" - Teddy Cruz. His manifesto-like lecture made bold statements on today's social and political issues that embedded in the planning of border zones, underlining the fact that remaining neutral in today's social and political crises, in fact, is ethically and morally wrong.

City Planning Talks

The Business and Leadership of the Shared City

Greg Clark, Senior Fellow at Urban Land Institute London, talks about business and leadership of shared cities. How do cities become self-confident and develop confident approach to the future?

Paris Reinvents Itself

Rising star of Czech TV journalism Linda Bartosova moderated the keynote discussion of Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris, at reSITE In/visible City conference.

"Affordable housing is today's number one issue." Carl Weisbrod

Carl Weisbrod offered inspiration for any city, including Prague: "Right in the zoning plan, we determined that at least 25 to 30 percent of newly built dwellings must be considered ‘affordable.’

RESONATE Talking Sound + Space

Elizabeth Diller: Sound is Always There | RESONATE

“As architects you really want to be the driver of content.” Elizabeth Diller, founding partner of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, talks sound and space with reSITE at RESONATE. She elucidates the importance of sound in architecture and the evolving role of the architect in an increasingly multidisciplinary world.

Snøhetta: The Art of Prepostions | RESONATE

“Architecture in many ways is the art of prepositions.” Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, founding partner and architect at Snøhetta, talks sound and space with reSITE at RESONATE. He emphasizes the importance of “transpositioning” in an increasingly specialized world to ensure architecture remains collaborative and interdisciplinary. Kjetil also encourages the use of all senses, especially sound, in his work.

RESONATE Talking Sound + Space

Stay tuned for four RESONATE Talking Sound + Space talks featuring four distinguished architects, artists and engineers on how they approach sound in their practices. Talks powered by reSITE, Meyer Sound, co-produced by Canal 180.

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