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Lidové noviny

Praha má potenciál, aby v ní žilo více obyvatel

Prague is a unique place and could accommodate a lot more residents. But, the city needs to attract them. Martin Barry in an interview for Czech daily Lidove noviny.

World Architecture Community

reSITE & Airbnb Partner On A New Multi-City Dialogue Series

reSITE has teamed up with Airbnb to organise the Evening Salon titled "My City / Your City: Constraints of the Collective" in Berlin to discuss how to deal with urban loneliness and how sharing can help remedy that in cities.


CityLab Interviewed Jean‑Louis Missika, deputy mayor of Paris, at reSITE 2017

What Will Come of the Competition to Reinvent Paris?

World Architecture Community

"All Projects Need to Be Considered in Multiple Ways" Says Kathryn Gustafson

One of the sessions of the reSITE 2017 conference has focused on the designing of a sustainable landscape and presented by Kathryn Gustafson, founder of Gustafson & Portman.

World Architecture Community

reSITE Releases First Lectures Online

World Architecture Community announced that "reSITE, the world's most interactive and dynamic conference focusing on cities and urbanism, has released its first lectures from its annual conference held on June 22-23 in Prague."


BauNetz Interviewed Leni Schwendiger at reSITE 2017

Andres F. Ramirez and Lea Ouardi from BauNetz interviewed Leni Schwendiger at the reSITE 2017 conference in Prague, and they accompanied her during the NightSeeing™ tour organized by reSITE festival.

World Architecture Community

"Use In Buildings Is Very Creative Thing And Can Be Developed By Many People" Kazuyo Sejima

Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima, founder of SANAA, is one of hotly-anticipated speakers at reSITE 2017.

World Architecture Community

Walls: "The Ugliest Version Of Racism And Exclusionary Citizenship" Says Fonna Forman

American political theorist Fonna Forman told in an exclusive interview with World Architecture Community within the scope of this year's reSITE 2017: Invisible City conference in Prague.

Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE #1 | reSITE Salon in Berlin

reSITE and Airbnb partner on a new multi-city dialogue series.

PRESS RELEASE #7 | reSITE Summer School

Lessons learnt at the reSITE 2017 about infrastructure for a more livable future and wise urban planning from the most inspiring city leaders, economist and architects are now online.

PRESS RELEASE #6 | reSITE 2017: the Future of Cities Depends on Innovative, New Infrastructure

Over one thousand visitors attended reSITE 2017: In/visible City that took place on June 22-23 in Prague. In/visible City is organized by reSITE as part of the project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum.

PRESS RELEASE #5 | The world's most influential architects and tours of Prague’s underground at reSITE 2017

For its sixth edition, reSITE is preparing a 360-degree custom podium to showcase 54 of the world's leading architects; investors; mayors; economists; and chiefs of transportation, water and waste management companies. They will explore infrastructure topics under the banner of the In/visible City.

PRESS RELEASE #4 | reSITE 2016 Festival: Free public events

reSITE 2016 will offer a variety of side events for the general public – salon discussions, workshops, a bike ride, and a party. All will take place alongside a 2-day international conference.

PRESS RELEASE #3 | Keynote Speakers at reSITE 2017

Outstanding women will speak from reSITE 2017 stage in Prague.

PRESS RELEASE #2 | reSITE 2017: In/visible City - Speakers

reSITE brings top architects and infrastructure experts to Prague.

PRESS RELEASE #1 | reSITE 2017: In/visible City will explore the secret anatomy of cities

reSITE 2017: In/visible City will explore the anatomy of cities. Registrations open now for the biggest architecture and urban development event in CEE.