Adriaan Geuze

Co-founder (West 8)

Rotterdam, NL

Prof., Ir., RLA, OALA, Principal in Charge, project director, Landscape Architect. In 1987 Adriaan Geuze was one of the founders of West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v., a leading urban design practice in Europe. Geuze attended the Agricultural University of Wageningen where he received a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture. After winning the prestigious Prix de Rome award in 1990, Geuze, with his office West 8, established an enormous reputation on an international level with his unique approach to planning and design of the public environment. By founding the SLA Foundation (Surrealistic Landscape Architecture) in 1992, Geuze increased public awareness of his profession. West 8 developed a technique of relating contemporary culture, urban identity, architecture, public space and engineering within one design, while always taking the context into account. Internationally respected as a professor in Architecture and Urban Design, Geuze frequently lectures and teaches at universities worldwide. Amongst the numerous design awards that West 8 has won, are the Dutch Maaskant Award in 1995, the Rosa Barba First European Landscape prize in 2002 and the Veronica Rudge Green Prize for Urban Design from the Harvard Design School in 2002. In 2005 Geuze was given the prestigious position of curator for the 2nd International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam and recently he was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mondrian Fonds in 2011. With West 8, Adriaan Geuze has been honoured with the success of winning various international design competitions such as Governors Island in New York, Playa de Palma in Mallorca, Toronto’s New Central Waterfront design in Canada, and Yongsan Park in Seoul, Korea.

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