Elizabeth Mills


Prague, CZ

Liz found her way to reSITE by attending the Spring 2020 Salon: My City / Your City: City of 2050. Her interest in sustainability has led her across the globe, in search of a purposeful and healthy life, which she has established in Prague. Her Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in Sustainable Biomaterials, with a concentration in Wood Technology and Structural Design fueled a passion for a greener future for her generation. Now as a teacher, translator, editor, and reSITE Social Media Intern, she enjoys working with a multitude of diverse characters and perspectives. Through household projects such as me-made clothing (knitted), vermiculture and urban gardening, and fermentation experiments, she is taking small steps toward her goal of a “sustainable lifestyle.” You can often find her on the saddle of her locally-built bicycle (Repete) testing the Prague cycling infrastructure, pedaling and peddling bright ideas.

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