Levente Polyák

Urban Planner / Researcher / Activist / Policy Adviser / Eutropian Research and Action

Budapest (HU)

Levente Polyák is an urban planner, researcher, activist and policy adviser. He studied architecture, urbanism, sociology and art theory in Budapest and Paris, and has worked on urban regeneration projects for New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Budapest municipalities. He is the Managing Director of Eutropian Research and Action, editor of the Cooperative City magazine, a member of the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, a Board Member for the Wonderland Platform for European Architecture and an alumni of the Aspen Young Leader Program. Levente specializes in urban regeneration, cultural development, community participation, local economic development and social innovation, with a special focus on building development scenarios on existing resources. In the past few years, he has been researching new organizational and economic models of community-led urban development projects. With this research, he has been able to help public administrations and community organizations across Europe.

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