Luca Ballarini

Founder (Torino Stratosferica & Bellissimo)

Torino, IT

Luca Ballarini runs Torino Stratosferica, an innovative project of city imaging, that brings forward visually based narrative and powerful imagery to highlight the potential of the city and leverage its posititioning. Torino Stratosferica also organizes the annual, international city-making festival Utopian Hours (18-20 October 2019). 

Trained in architecture, Luca Ballarini (1974) started his career as self-taught graphic designer and publisher of the first Italian style magazine, Label (1997-2007). In 1998 he founded Bellissimo, today a leading branding & communication design studio. As creative director of Bellissimo, Luca has worked with brands such as Absolut, Adidas, Airbnb, Bombay Sapphire, Lavazza, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and for many progressive cultural institutions. 


Recently he has launched Urban Creative City-break, a unique format that brings 20 participants to the most dynamic cities to meet ten leading entrepreneurs of the creative industry and seize recent urban changes through their works and words. 

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