Luis Rodríguez Sánchez

Composer + Co-executive Director (ARECMA) + Co-Founder (PAM)

Humacao, PR

Luis Rodríguez Sánchez is a Puerto Rican composer, singer and songwriter. He studied guitar with professors Juan Sorroche and Iván Rijos and composition with Dr. Carlos Cabrer, obtaining a bachelor's degree in humanities with an emphasis in music from the University of Puerto Rico. He co-founded the first songwriting cooperative in Puerto Rico, participating in 12 record productions and the Afro-Caribbean music group Iyawó. Luis completed a master's degree in composition for orchestral music from the University of Massachusetts led by professors Dr. Bruce Maccombie and Dr. Salvatore Macchia. He has worked as a professor of the music department at the University of Puerto Rico and as a musical director for the Festival de la Palabra. He is currently responsible for the production and annual composition of the En clave de poesía, a project that is in its fourth edition. Luis Rodriguez is finishing recording his new album Fronteras Líquidas. He is also the creator and founder of Música en la Guitarra, a new method that reimagines the learning process. He is currently co-directing Proyecto Apoyo Mutuo Mariana in Humacao.

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