Matěj Hollan

Deputy Mayor  / City of Brno

Brno (CZ)

Matej Hollan has been fully engaged in Brno for the last 10 years. He devotes himself to Rail Junction Brno Renovation, he successfully protested against the underground parking garage at Zelny trh, he strives for stopping the Aupark Mall construction right next to Vankovka shopping centre and he has been engaged in citizen participation in urban planning. Mr. Hollan holds an award for promoting candidness and Frantisek Kriegel Award by Nadace Charty 77 for civic bravery. His civic society Brneni was behind the casino reduction in many Czech cities. In June 2014 he cofounded a political movement 'Zit Brno' based on eponymous satirical website. In 2014 local elections he ran as a leader of 'Zit Brno s podporou Piratu' and he is Deputy Mayor of Brno since November 2014. His responsibilities include culture, social and health care, among others he pursues improving the quality of culture in Brno and endeavors the construction of Janacek Culture Centre.

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