Matúš Vallo

Mayor (City of Bratislava)

Bratislava, SK

Architect and urbanism expert, Matúš Vallo is currently the Mayor of Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. He is an alumnus of the Faculty of architecture at the Slovak Technical University, as well as other study programs around the world. Prior to his post as Mayor of Bratislava, he founder successful architecture studio, Vallo Sadovsky Architects along with Oliver Sadovsky. He also is one of the initiators of the City Interventions project, focusing on the initiation of small, creative concepts to improve public spaces in Slovak towns and cities.


With public spaces in Bratislava being a top interest, his work in Plan Bratislava, a complex manual on how to improve the City of Bratislava curated by seventy experts in themes of city infrastructure and urban development became a foundation for his campaign in the race to be Bratislava’s Mayor. His expertise helped him win the election in the autumn of 2018.

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