Pavel Hnilička

Advisor (Prague Institute of Planning and Development)

Prague, CZ

Pavel Hnilicka (1975, Prague) studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Prague Technical University in 1993- 2000 under Prof. Ladislav Lábus and Prof. Alena Šrámková. Completed a postgraduate course at ETH Zürich under Prof. Dietmar Eberle. Worked at 4DS studio and Prof. Pavel Zvěřina s studio. Has been the head of his Pavel Hnilička Architekti studio since 2003 (in 2006- 2009 in association with Ondřej Císler). Collaboration with Baumschlager Eberle since 2003. Designs and executes buildings, and has been devoting much of his time to urban planning and the preparation of regulation and zoning plans for municipalities in recent years. Winner of the Grand Prix of the Czech Architecture in 2008 in the category new building. Authored a book, “Sídelní kaše – Otázky k suburbánní výstavbě rodinných domů” (2005, 2012). Lectured at the Department of Urban Planning of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in 2007- 2010. Since 2012 he cooperates with the city planning authority of Prague (IPR).

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