Reinhard Kropf

Co-founder (Helen & Hard Architects)

Oslo, NO

Reinhard Kropf is a co-founding partner of Helen & Hard architects, Oslo and Stavanger. The architecture firm focuses on sustainability designed projects that range from single family houses to large scale building projects and master planning. Originally from Graz, Kropf studied at the Technical University where he graduated with a degree in architecture, in 1986. He then received his master’s in Architecture from AHO, in 1994. There he met Siv Helene, together they founded Helen & Hard. In addition to practicing architecture, Kropf teaches at universities in the United States, China, and Europe.


Helen & Hard was founded in Stavanger, Norway in 1996, with offices in Stavanger and Oslo. They are a collective of 26 people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds and work with a wide range of project typologies and scales. These include individual private dwellings, large mixed-use commercial schemes, public cultural buildings, transformation, and urban development projects. Throughout their architecture, they strive to engage with and respond to the unique potential that lies within the local conditions of a place.

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