Ruben Koekoek

Social Entrepreneur, Former Manager of Social Impact Bonds (ABN, AMRO Bank)

Amsterdam, NL

Educated as an economist (University of Amsterdam, Cum Laude) with a focus on Development Economics and Macroeconomics, Ruben Koekoek led the Social Impact Bond team of ABN AMRO Bank. Together with the municipality of Rotterdam, he initiated the first Social Impact Bond of continental Europe. In the successive years Koekoek launched 6 additional Social Impact Bonds on urban issues like recidivism and youth unemployment. Currently Koekoek is working on the launch of a new financial intermediary which develops financial tools in order to solves social issues. Together with local and national Government Koekoek designs schemes like pay-for-result structures, Social Outcome Funds and Social Impact Bond. Furthermore, Koekoek serves as the chairmen on the board of the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund which supports communities in Eastern Europe. At the reSITE festival Koekoek would like to discover whether impact investors and social entrepreneurs can solve the current issues on the housing market like affordability for the middle class, gentrification and sustainability. 

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