Sándor Finta

Chief Architect of Budapest

Budapest, HU

Sándor Finta is the current Chief Architect of Budapest. Prior to his appointment in 2012, Finta was the lead designer and founding member of sporaarchitects, an design studio based in Budapest. sporaarchitects was founded with the intention of creating a community where designers, architects, and professionals could work together on issues involving urban design, research, and development. Finta has worked for Pálffy & Associates. From 2004 2009, he lectured at the Department of Design of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). In 2005 he founded KÉK–Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre. KÉK was founded to bring about a greater cultural appreciation for contemporary Hungarian architectural design and its architects, but perhaps most importantly to start a dialogue about culture and the built environment. Finta graduated from BME with a degree in architectural engineering in 2000.

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