Vaclav Mencl

Chamber of Deputies / the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Prague (CZ)

Vaclav Mencl is a member of the Chamber of Deputies in the Parliament of the Czech Republic. As a student studying architecture at the Technical University in Brno he was expelled for participating in a student protest rally, but was later finished his degree. Focusing on architecture, Mencl worked for a design firm in Brno until 1990 when he was elected Mayor of Brno. In 1995, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Economy: he also served as Regional Development Minister of Policy and Planning. Mencl served as a senator in the Czech Parliament from 1996-1998. As a member of the Chamber of Deputies, since 2002, he has been a member or chaired the election, agriculture, environment, and organizing committees throughout his tenure. Mencl was head of the Institute of Spatial Planning at the Technical University in Brno from 1992-1995.

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