Adam Švejda

Director / Communication and Presentation Office / Institute of Planning and Development

Prague (CZ)

Adam Švejda is an expert on city branding, popularizing city-related topics and getting the public involved in urban planning . He currently works as the director of communication at the Prague Institute of Planning and Development. After graduating from media studies at the Charles University, Adam worked as an editor at HYPE magazine and collaborated with Respekt magazine, where he wrote about 21st century life in various cities around the world. Adam worked for an international production company in Bombay, New York and London. After his return to the Czech Republic he began pursuing a career in public relations within the NGO sector. He worked for the Metropolitan Chapter by St. Vitus in Prague, the Archbishop of Prague and the Czech Chamber of Architects, where he prepared media strategies and led visual identity rebranding. Adam is a former member of the junior Czech snowboarding team. He lives in Prague with his family.

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