Karol Piekarski

New Media Programme Manager (Miasto Ogrodów)

Katowice, PL

Karol Piekarski works for the Institution of Culture Katowice – City of Gardens, is a programme manager at Medialab Katowice, organiser of the festival of art and technology art+bits, as well as curator of artistic interventions in public space. He has carried out a number of interdisciplinary research and education projects involving city data processing and visualisation, such as Katowice, Open City (2012), CityLab (2013), Urban Data Stories (2014), and is currently working on a data-driven exhibition on the history of Katowice entitled Appetite for Radical Change. Katowice 1865–2015. He is also a researcher of the Web and has earned a PhD in Humanities for his work on the economy of perception and strategies for reducing information overload on the Internet.

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