reSITE's 2018 | Thank You for an Incredible Year Made of Milestones

Some years are brighter than others and 2018 was made up of shining stars for reSITE and will be remembered in reSITE's history. Prague. Lisbon. Berlin. San Francisco. RESONATE. ACCOMMODATE. Manifesto Market. Shared Cities Residency. reSITE is going places. We can't wait to invite you in the coming year to join us!

reSITE's 5 Milestones of 2018

In 2018, reSITE has hosted an impressive roster of events featuring innovators and their impactful ideas on how to improve the urban environment. We have travelled to European and US cities, started and renewed important partnerships and put our hands on creating a physical, tangible space - Manifesto Market - which became a material extension of our philosophy. Here are 5 most important milestones and reasons why 2018 will be remembered.

reSITE is a global non-profit acting
to improve the urban environment.

This is one of the most important conversations of its kind.
- Citylab

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