Möbius Pavilion & Festival

Möbius: reSITE 2013 Summer Pavilion was aimed to act as a tool to activate public space and to catalyze the conversation about improving quality of life with smart design in cities.

June 19-23th, 2013 / Prague

The reSITE 2013 Möbius Pavilion: A stage where ideas about more transparent urban planning, inefficiency of postcommunist urban planning attitudes and public space were discussed.

This interesting structure was designed and built by students of ARCHIP and Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences (CULS) led by Marie Davidová (Coll Coll), Martin Sichman (Oximoron) and Martin Gsandtner.

The Möbius Pavilion was also intended to be become a stage where cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary action took place.


Other Festival Events:

Workshop: Prague Activators

On June 23, 2013 a workshop "Prague Activators" took place. This event gave the participants a chance to express their ideas on the interactive map of Prague's riverbank. The group Prague Activators presented the idea of activating the riverbank by floating pontoons with cinema, park or workshops.


Presentations and projects moved Prague in right direction and opened the city up for its inhabitants: CONTAINERS TO THE WORLD, PRAGUE ACTIVATORS and THREE MORE IN PRAGUE 7.

Urbanism As a Game

A workshop led by NATURAL ARCHITECTURE STUDIO presented a method of how to take your environment into your hands, and how to set up a creative platform on which people of different social groups, interests and age groups can constructively and in entertaining ways make codecisions about their surroundings.

Urban Fitness Events

We creatively used the city as a gym! The instructors from BINDU YOGA STUDIO gave a class of open-air yoga. And a professional trainer from, Prague based sport club, JDU BĚHAT joined us for jogging.

  • 36 students

  • 53 program partners

  • 4 volunteers


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