Events in 2012

Skanska Bridging Prague: International Design Competition

An international design competition was announced by reSITE Festival, ARCHIP (Architectural Institute in Prague) and Skanska, to find new ideas for the River Vltava, in Prague, Czech Republic.

CULBURB: Shaping Cities Symposium

Shaping Cities Symposium was a part of reSITE 2012 festival, and questioned the role of non-profit organisations in the creation of city spaces.

Rosy, The Ballerina: Public Space Installation

ROSY the Ballerina was the installation of an inflatable pavilion [bubble] that holded workshops and lectures about improving public space IN public space.

urbanACT Instant Park at Prague's Riverfront

The project met reSITE goals of providing an ecologically, socially and economically vibrant place that could activate the riverfront on all of those levels.

reSITE 2012 Conference | Cities As A Place To Live

The first international reSITE conference titled with "Cities as a place to live" was held in 2012 in Prague.

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