Events in 2015

Prague Hacks - Hackathon #1

"Prague Hacks: Improving City Life" at reSITE 2015: The Shared City festival. Those who joined the Hackathon proposed their own ideas for open-source, or business applications for that data, dividing themselves into teams to tackle different problems.

Open Data Workshop with Tanja Lahti

The international workshop Open Urban data, co-organized by Prague Institute of Planning and Development is a specific extension of reSITE 2015 conference called The Shared City.

Workshop: Praha Bubny Railway

The goal of the workshop was to discuss the strategy for development of Prague railway brownfields and bring the international expertise from relevant reference projects from all over the world.

reSITE 2015 Conference | The Shared City

reSITE 2015: The Shared City conference, was organized as a major public program about startup technology, urbanism, architecture, politics, culture, urban development, economics, housing and civic activism, and took place on 18-19th June 2015 in Forum Karlin Prague.

Public Salons: Shared Housing, Shared Trans&shyport, Shared Culture

Experts from different fields of city making debated about sharing from various aspects: shared housing, shared transportation and shared culture at reSITE 2015 festival.

Film Premiers: Torre David and beyond

These films touched off a debate between Sorkin and Brillembourg, the filmmaker, about urbanism and architecture that attacks poverty in the global south.

City as Commons: Public Lecture, Workshop and Party

How public-private cooperation in the 21st century should utilize digital tools to create a commons for public life and public participation?

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