Rosy, The Ballerina: Public Space Installation

ROSY the Ballerina was the installation of an inflatable pavilion [bubble] that holded workshops and lectures about improving public space IN public space.

May 25 -27, 2012 / the National Theatre

ROSY is a ballerina. She's perfect. She's transparent, she's iconic, cool, and holds 130 people, the exact number that we expect at these events. She was designed in Berlin, she was made in Zurich, and she spent the summer of 2010 in a bunch of parks in London, before coming to the National Theatre in Prague.

This bubble is more than a huge work of public art or architecture. At reSITE 2012 Festival ROSY the Ballerina, installed from the 25 to 27th of May 2012 in the piazetta of the National Theatre, was used as a pavilion to host design workshops, a dance performance, film screenings, urban games, and design discussions - all free to the public. Our goal was to encourage the general public to debate and discuss public space, and to revive Prague into a more livable, lovable city.The designers were Raumlabor Berlin, a collective of artists from Germany.

We needed something cool and playful, something catchy, and something iconic that can be a physical representation of what we stand for.
reSITE 2012 Festival


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