reSITE Festival: Urban Bike Rides in Prague

Urban Bike Rides in Prague has been an inherent part of reSITE festival.

reSITE On Bikes: Urban Bike Rides have been an inherent part of reSITE festival since 2013

The first reSITE bike ride started in 2013. The participants started their bike tour in Karlovo náměstí and experienced the architectural heritage of Prague. Additionally, they had first-hand experience of what difficulties cyclists face in Prague... In 2014, "reSITE On Bikes" took place on the 20th of June in Karlin, Prague 8. Since Karlin is a great area to discover by bike, so this was what the participants did. They discovered the city district that is characteristic by numerous fresh brownfield transformations. Prague 8 offers the pedestrian and bike friendly Tempo 30 Zone that makes it a perfect place where community life bloom.

reSITE 2015's bike ride started at Karlin as well. Yet this time the participants discovered both Karlin and Holesovice. The event took place on the 19th of June. The participants observed Prague 8 (Karlin) that is characteristic by numerous fresh brownfield transformations. This year reSITE festival had the company of photographers from festival Fotosfera who focus on capturing life in Holesovice area.

In 2016, reSITE festival collaborated with Rekola and IPR Praha. Our tour guide was Prague-based architect Petr Kučera. The bike ride took us to various sites around the Holešovice meander on the Vltava River to look at the current real estate development there; there, we stopped and talked about some of the projects that were recently completed at the Rohanské nábřeží, in Libeň and in Holešovice. Then, we traced remnants of the former Libeň Jewish ghetto and crossed the river over the famous Libeň bridge. We also visited the former Holešovice harbour and explored some interesting conversions of the former industrial buildings there. Finally, we crossed the river using the new Trojský Bridge and pedalled along the natural settings of the Vltava riverbank back to the Karlín Forum.


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