CityMakers: Shared Cities

Supported by Goethe-Institut, and co-hosted by reSITE in cooperation with CAMP (Centrum architektury a městského plánování). This event takes place as part of the Shared Cities Ideas Yards.

“We want to use people's ideas in the city. We want to share those ideas between people. And, as architects we want to create better public spaces for people.”
Martin Barry

An increasing number of citizens want to play an active role in making their own city. For these CityMakers public space projects are a great way of getting involved in city development. Sharing high-quality public space strengt-hens social bonds, empowers communities, and can even serve as a turning point around which a city reinvents itself. Some initiatives, for example street festivals, last only a couple of days. Other projects, such as the conversion of a derelict piece of land into an adventure playground, takes years to develop. Many success-ful changes can become permanent.
What legal issues do CityMakers need to be aware of when working with public space? What is the legal framework for organizing temporary interventions? What are the tools for implementing permanent interventions? Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project partners and CAMP have invited experts from Berlin and Prague to share their insight and practical experience in urban hacking, placemaking, and of course, to discuss citymaking with you! The event is a part of the Shared Cities Ideas Yards.

What is the Shared City? Martin Barry

Share your heart. Share your city.

What Does Shared City Mean? Jakob Racek

The knowledge we share.

#Shared Cities #SSCM2020

This event is organized as part of the Shared Cities Ideas Yards. Experts from Berlin and Prague will present new approaches in urban planning, shared governance and long-term community engagement. Join us!

Event Program

20:30-21:00 Panel discussion Moderator: Milan Brlik
Panel discussion will be moderated by: Milan Brlik, IPR.


Konrad Braun (Berlin):
Architect and transdiscip-linary urban researcher / co-founder of openBerlin e.V. and the Hidden Insti-tute / co-author of „FreiRaumFibel”, a legal framework handbook for creative use of free space

Moderator: Milan Brlik, IPR

Kateřina Frejlachová (Prague): Architect at the Urban Design Office at IPR Prague and coordinator of the Prague Chairs project

Michaela Hečková (Prague): Cultural manager and author of the book Of Cities and People / coordi-nator of the Pianos on the Streets project

Lenka Burgerová (Prague):
Architect / Prague 7 city councilwoman


CAMP: Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning

Vyšehradská 51, 12800 Prague, Czech Republic

By walking or by bike

By public transport

By car

CAMP Praha is located at the heart of Prague at walking distance from Naplavka. Bike racks are available at the spot.

  • Metro: Line B (Yellow), Karlovo náměstí
  • Closest tram stops: Karlovo náměstí, Palackého náměstí or Moráň

Parking space is available.


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