NightSeeing™ With Leni Schwendiger

Leni Schwendinger is one of the world’s leading voices on the impact lighting can have in our cities. Within the scope of the 2017 Invisible City festival, reSITE cooperated with her for a guided light walk of the city of Prague.

June 21, 2017 / Marahal Club, Hotel Emblem

reSITE 2017 was kicked off with a unique experience of NightSeeing™ tour with Leni Schwendiger.

reSITE collaborated with Leni Schwendinger to emphasize the importance of city lighting as a neglected part of the planning and the design of cities. Unlike other infrastructure, light is creatively malleable, both physical and ephemeral. Illumination plays a significant role in citizenry well-being. It was a unique experience of Prague after-dark. On the 21th of June, we had a unique experience of NightSeeing™ tour that kicked off reSITE 2017 festival.

At reSITE 2017: Invisible City conference, she also gave us a special lecture on the June 23th, 2017. Her lecture was titled "Nightime Design: Envisioning Smart, Connected Public Spaces and Luminous, Sustainable Cities."

Night Seeing™ tours with Leni Schwendiger at reSITE 2017 festival. (c)Tomas Princ.

Why nighttime design? Some reflections of Leni Schwendiger from reSITE 2017: Invisible City conference:

Illumination's seemingly magic and delightful properties when artfully conceptualized and crafted, provide atavistic and celebratory atmosphere lacking in common city life.

Guest of Honor:

Leni Schwendinger, Consultant NightSeeing™, New York, USA. A recognized authority on the many issues and applications of city lighting, with more than 20 years of experience creating illuminated environments for public spaces all over the world.

Special Guest:

Pavla Melková, Director, City Detail Section, Institute of Planning and Development, Prague, Czech Republic.

The black of night is an opportunity for the lighting urbanist to design an environment that is enticing, inclusive, and which promotes activity and reflection.


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Leni Schwendinger

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