Run with reSITE

RUN with reSITE (or walk), remotely-together through our cities! You can join WHEREVER you are.

Join us in Prague, Paris, Berlin, London, Mexico City with more locations to come!

We usually gather to run through the city, see its memorable sites, cross riverfronts, parks and view points during our annual conference. Run with reSITE was inspired by reSITE speaker and architect Michel Rojkind's passion, and has become a tradition. Since COVID-19 has changed everyone’s 2020 plans, we want to keep the torch aflame with a collective run to make you feel good!

If you join in Prague...

We will roam the city on foot, get a little oxygen and plenty of views. Our run will be a 6 km route with stops along the way to learn about some of Prague’s iconic landmarks, statues and other public art that gives the city life, ending at Manifesto Smichov. Find your own pace. Bring a friend, or make some on the way.

If you join elsewhere...

You can enjoy freedom and autonomy and pick your favorite route. Run alone or connect with your neighbors or colleagues. We’ll send you a digital DIY tag for your shirt. After registration, you will get access to a closed group with one channel for each city. You can connect digitally before running together.

Michel Rojkind on running at reSITE


Run on Saturday, 21st of June, and connect with the runners virtually and share your photos with @reSITE_ on Instagram or Twitter with #RUNwithreSITE! Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn, too!

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