reSITE 2017 Invisible Dinner & Party

reSITE & Karlin Group, Obermeyer & Verdi Capital with kind support of Economia Media House organized reSITE 2017 In/visible dinner and party at Bokovka to celebrate the sixth annual reSITE Conference In/visible City.

June 22, 2017 / Bokovka, Prague

reSITE 2017 In/visible Party: This is how lifetime friendships begin!

A prime location is always part of the experience. In 2017, our guests were invited to a gorgeous Renaissance courtyard of Bokovka where ballet dancers, one of Prague's best DJ’s Sasha Michailidis (former director of the legendary Radio 1), art and light installations, and 300+ inspiring visitors of reSITE 2017 were together in one place! In the heart of Prague's Old Town, we celebrated reSITE 2017 and namely the presence of Kazuyo Sejima and Jean-Louis Missika, creating such an atmosphere. "Invisible Heart", a 3D neon artpiece by Studio Najbrt, was sold in a charity auction during that evening.

Jean Louis Missika, Kazuyo Sejima and Adam Gebrian were among the guests of reSITE 2017 In/visible Party.


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