Martin Barry | Founder and Chairman of reSITE

Meet the chairman of reSITE, Martin Barry.

8 Steps to Redevelop a New, New Town in Prague

This article lays out a plan to begin development on the site, which can be seen as a reference for how to develop brownfield sites in any city.

Comprehen­sive Trans­port Plan Needed In Prague

The City of Prague needs to create an integrated and comprehensive transportation plan that reduces the need for parking and the use of personal cars. Martin Barry

Brooklyn to Prague: Rough to Luxurious

Martin Barry answers why he chose to move from Brooklyn to Prague.

Quality of Life in a Lovable City

An article written by Martin Barry on what lovable (and livable) cities are all about.

How to Plan A 21st-Century City Ready For Migra­tion and Luring New Residents

On June 16–17th 2016, Prague hosted the 5th annual international conference titled “reSITE 2016: Cities in Migration.”

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