A decade of reSITE

It's the end of a decade but the start of an age, for reSITE. Relive some of our most favorite shared ideas through the years.

Yosuke Hayano on How Architecture Can Create Emotional Connections to Nature

Principal architect for MAD Architects, Yosuke Hayano says the studio strives to connect architecture to nature through the creation of emotional and spiritual spaces for everyday life.

Six Quotes on Regenerating Cities to Tackle the Climate Crisis from reSITE 2019

As we forward from REGENERATE, some quotes, thought and ideas hang in our minds. When we think about regenerating our cities - making the old new again utilizing repurposed space with rejuvenated programs, a crucial question was how to incorporate climate action into city-making.


Chybik + Kristof builds Prague food market in shiny metal cabins

A temporary cluster of corrugated metal-covered units surround a shallow pool at Manifesto Market in Prague's historic Smichov district, designed by architects Chybik + Kristof.


World Architecture

"Architecture Is A Profession Giving You Wide Limits Between You Can Oscillate" Says Eva Jiřicna

"Architecture is a profession giving you very wide limits between you can oscillate. And how determined the past between those limits, which are very widely spread, is up to you,” says Czech architect and co-founder and director of AI DESIGN Eva Jiřičná.


Eight Quotes Stuck in Our Minds From reSITE 2019 REGENERATE

Here are some of our favorite quotes we still have stuck in our heads from the 8th annual event keeping us inspired - and mindful - in how we go forth in designing and developing for future generations.

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