Architect Michel Rojkind on the Social Responsibility of Design

In a Design and the City episode - a podcast by reSITE on how to make cities more liveable – Mexican architect Michel Rojkind talks about running, coming from a musical background, and the responsibility of architects to create buildings that can “give something relevant” back to the community. The interview delves into Rojkind’s philosophy of making sure that architectural conversations are not insular, but instead conversations that take place within a multi-disciplinary context.


reSITE Will Report from Venice Biennale 2021: How Will We Live Together?

Beginning May 22nd and running through November 21st, the biennale invites the public to consider how we will live together. Answers have poured in from 46 countries, with growing representation hailing from all corners of the globe.

Ten Talks + Podcasts on Greening Our Cities for Earth Day

How can we harmonize our built environment with nature? These ten talks and podcasts from reSITE speakers and guests explore how our infrastructures, our urban landscapes, and our communities need not be in opposition with the natural world. Image courtesy of Studio Precht.

Trey Trahan on Building Sacred Spaces for Connection

This episode of Design and the City features the founder of Trahan Architects, Trey Trahan on the importance of creating sacred spaces devoid of clutter that make way for that human connection, his definition of beauty, and the potential regeneration holds, presenting a different side of that coin.


Filmmaker Gary Hustwit on Why Design Is for Everyone in Design and the City Podcast

In Design and the City's fifth episode - a podcast by reSITE on how to make cities more liveable - filmmaker and visual artist Gary Hustwit was interviewed on his creative process and evolution, and what motivates him to make films that strive to make design more accessible to the general public. The interview delves into the process behind Hustwit's filmography, from documentaries such as Helvetica, which explores the use of type in urban spaces, to films such as Rams, a personal and intimate portrait of the influential German industrial designer Dieter Rams.


Tim Gill on Building Child-Friendly Cities

A city that is good for children, is good for everyone--and idea we explore with Tim Gill, author of Urban Playground: How Child-Friendly Planning and Design Can Save Cities, on this episode of Design and the City. Photo by Els Lena Eeckhout.

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