Infrastruc­ture Is the Beating Heart and Veins Of the City

reSITE’s chairman Martin Barry about the intriguing theme of reSITE 2017: In/visible City conference and the diversity in life and planning.

People don’t typically think much about infrastructure, but it's below our feet or over our head. One might consider it's ugly but the truth is, it's the heart of the city. - Martin Barry

Budapest-based Epítészfórum talked with reSITE’s chairman, Martin Barry.

“Our subject is the city. The city is a collection of diverse people and forms often with wildly competing interests. We can’t study the urban condition without including all of those interests and all of that diversity. But, in the end, the mission is quite simple and minimal. We want to leave the city in better shape for the next generation than it is for this one, and we think investments in high-quality public space and public architecture is a way to get there.” explained Martin Barry.

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