Meet the World’s Top Urban Ex­perts at reSITE in Prague

reSITE 2016 Conference: Cities in Migration

reSITE 2016: Cities in Migration

Hundreds of international delegates have already registered to attend the upcoming annual reSITE conference. City politicians, developers, architects, investors, journalists and students — they all will come to Prague on June 16 and 17 to get inspired, to find new partners and set up new collaborations.

We expect more than 800 delegates from Europe, North and South America, and Asia: politicians, investors, developers, architects, urbanists, civic initiatives, and activists. reSITE 2016 to host over 150 of the Czech Republic’s largest real estate investors and developers alongside mayors and nonprofit initiatives.

What to anticipate at this high-level event? Inspiration, successful solutions, new contacts from the Czech Republic and other countries and a platform that supports cooperation and understanding among different professionals involved in urban design and development.

40 leading thinkers from 20 countries will speak at reSITE. The list of key speakers is updated daily. Don’t miss!

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Many extraordinary speakers come to reSITE 2016: Cities in Migration.

Meet the World’s Top Urban Ex­perts at reSITE in Prague

reSITE 2016 Conference: Cities in Migration

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Saskia Sassen: City is an Extraordinary Animal

Saskia Sassen, professor of sociology at Columbia University, discusses the migrant experience relating to land use and the urban habitat. She focuses on the privatizing and corporatizing of modern cities and how these trends affect the people living in cities, especially disadvantaged and ignored populations.

The Most Interactive and Lovable Cities Conference: reSITE 2016

Highlights from reSITE 2016: Cities in Migration. reSITE's conference invited experts from all over the world to discuss how migration interacts with urbanism and the makeup of cities.

Boom Towns are Immigration Towns with Michael Kimmelman

Michael Kimmelman, architecture critic for the New York Times, uses Stuttgart, Mexico City, and Guangzhou as examples of ways cities have handled an influx of migrants and how the cities have adapted or not adapted differently. The current issues in these cities differ based on location, situation of incoming migrants, and how well the city has handled new arrivals, with Stuttgart presented as a model city for migrant reception.

Where are You From? Martin Barry's Welcome Address at reSITE 2016

reSITE chairman Martin Barry opens up the 2016 conference by discussing the meaning of being "from" somewhere, why cities attract, and asks how cities and public spaces can be improved for new residents. Transportation, housing, and all architecture should work for cities to last through climate change and an ever developing population.

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