My City / Your City: Urban Tech Pioneers

An Evening Salon & Party in partnership with Airbnb | Powered by reSITE

reSITE is not interested in just urbanism or architecture or policy or sharing economy. We are interested in all of it. Innovation, ideas and creativity really happen at intersections. They happen at the crisis points"
Martin Barry

I consider myself very lucky: our intention is to create jobs. Support more and more entrepreneurship
Rui Coelho, Invest Lisboa
Technology allows locals to connect globally and the world to connect with locals
Sofia Gkiousou, Airbnb

What is going to happen in the future, we cannot tell, but to find out, we test different options”
Martin Pejša, Creative Dock
“We aim to erase the distinction between blind members of our society and people with vision.”
Szilvia Walter, EVA Visual Assistant

Word of the Curator

"The year 2030 is roughly 4,400 days from now. In urban planning thinking, this isn’t the future, this is tomorrow. There is little doubt that cities will continue to be humankind’s greatest invention, nor is there doubt that we will continue to populate our cities at unprecedented rates. The question is how will we harness technology, sharing and innovation to serve people, provide equity and improve our quality of life." - Martin Barry, Frobes Next

As we well know, the majority of the world’s population is now urban. People are moving to cities, attracted by their economic and cultural dynamism and the lifestyle proffered. In parallel, rates of loneliness and social isolation are also increasing.

The rise of co-living and co-working developments across major cities and the massive growth in the sharing economy demonstrate a growing desire for people to connect with each other. This trend has massive potential domino effects, as sharing becomes an imperative from an economic, ecological and social perspective. As space and resources become scarcer, how can we more intelligently and inventively use what we have to provide maximum benefit? How does technology and sharing impact our lives in the future of cities? Which technologies are helping to build smart citizens?

With the right outlook and target, innovation can catalyze the creative potential of citizens, technology, activists, artists, cultural actors, and social scientists to create socially innovative business models in design, living, eating, mobility and working - all impacting our lives in cities.

Martin Barry




International speakers




An evening salon and party featuring the tech innovations and pioneers that are changing and improving urban lifestyle while transforming dreams into reality. This exclusive event in an elegant riverside venue, SmetanaQ Galler, organized in partnership with Airbnb.

Event Program

18:00-19:00 Welcome drinks
19:10 Panel discussion & Q&A
20:30-22:00 Cocktail party & DJ


Rui Coelho

Sofia Gkiousou

Martin Pejša

Szilvia Walter

Andrew Verbitsky

Martin Barry

Linda Bartošová


SmetanaQ Gallery

Smetanovo nábř. 334/4 | 110 00 Prague 1 - Staré Město

Walking or bike

Public transport


SmetanaQ Gallery is located on the first floor, in a building facing the Vltava river located two steps from the National Theatre.

  • Tram: 2, 9, 17, 18, 22 to Narodni divadlo

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