My City / Your City: Constraints of the Collective

An Evening Salon & Party in partnership with Airbnb | Powered by reSITE in cooperation with Studio Lukas Feireiss and Goethe-Institut Prag

“Every city strives from this diversity: It needs consensus as much as it needs conflict as its enabling forces.”
Lukas Feireiss, Curator and moderator of reSITE Berlin Salon

Join an evening salon and party discussing the constraints of the collective with influential artists, architects and thinkers, moderated by Lukas Feireiss.

The city as a commons is a shared resource that belongs to all of its inhabitants, and as such should be actively shaped by everyone, often considered a possible answer to rampant privatization and top-down decision making. When there is an “us”, there is always a “them,” and the threat of isola-tion for those not integrated or included.
Against this backdrop, our panel discussion will critically explore the design and experience of heterogeneous urban space that plays a crucial role in intelligently responding to the inherent plurality of the city. Four international thought leaders from arts and architecture will bring those questions into broader perspective.




International speakers



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Join an exclusive event in a fascinating venue, FvF Friends Space in Berlin. Salon organized in partnership with Airbnb.

Event Program

19:00-19:30 Welcome drinks
19:30 Welcome address Martin Barry
19:45-21:00 Panel discussion Charlie Koolhaas
Moderator Lukas Feireiss
21:00-22:00 Cocktail party & DJ


Charlie Koolhaas

Martin Rein-Cano

Anna Scheuermann

Lukas Feireiss

Alexander Schwarz

Martin Barry


Friends Space | FvF, Glogauer Straße 2, Berlin, Germany

(c) FvF Friends Space

Walking or bike

Public transport


FvF is located on Glogauer Straße 2, in Kreuzberg-Berlin. And, Görlitzer Park is just nearby. So walking or biking to the venue will be pleasant.

  • Subway: U1-Görlitzer Bahnhof
  • Bus: M29

Parking space? You should figure this out... We don't suggest going there by car anyways.

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