reSITE Joins Forces with Dezeen for the Virtual Design Festival

We are incredibly excited to announce we are joining Dezeen's Virtual Design Festival! Save the date for April 27th and dive into a full day of ideas and inspiration via reSITE lectures released exclusively on this occasion!

Virtual Design Festival is a digital event bringing the design and architecture community together during the unprecedented challenges that have come with a global pandemic and quarantine. Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief, Marcus Fairs aims to create a virtual space to celebrate the culture and commerce of our industry through exploration of its capacity to adapt and respond to these extraordinary circumstances. On this occasion, reSITE will exclusively release five full lectures from REGENERATE which took place in Prague last September.

In the new reality shaped and defined by the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a whole new level of urgency to rethink our urban environments.
Martin Barry, Founder or reSITE

"In the new reality shaped and defined by the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a whole new level of urgency to rethink our urban environments. reSITE will present the thoughts and work of seven guests who met in Prague to share their out-of-the-box thinking and explore both the rebirth of cities and the generations of people living within" says reSITE founder Martin Barry.

Dezeen's first virtual event kicked off on April 15th, 2020 with messages from 35 architects and designers, recorded in their self-isolation. While pandemic precautions shrank the possibilities, these thought leaders opened the door to experiment with new formats, inspiring and fueling this virtual, large-scale meeting.

VDF has confirmed dozens of institutions, organizations and personalities to participate, such as the MAAT museum, The World Around, Serpentine Galleries, Dutch Design Week, and a roster of visual artists, musicians, filmmakers and curators, all collaborating on the program.

Join us for reSITE Day at Dezeen's Virtual Design Festival on April 27th for the premiere of FIVE unreleased talks from our most recent event. Program details coming soon!

More Ideas on Design in our Cities

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Chris Precht’s aim to reconnect our lives to our food production by bringing it back into our cities and our minds can be found throughout his architecture. Listen as he discusses the importance of authenticity, creating spaces that activate our senses, and looking at our objective reality to solve the problems of our time.

What is Luxury? Interview with Dara Huang at reSITE 2018

Dara Huang is an award winning architect and founder of Design Haus Liberty, an architectural firm that often works with clients to design high-end buildings.

Yosuke Hayano on How Architecture Can Create Emotional Connections to Nature

Principal architect for MAD Architects, Yosuke Hayano says the studio strives to connect architecture to nature through the creation of emotional and spiritual spaces for everyday life.

East Meets West with Yoko Choy

Managing editor of Wallpaper* magazine China - Yoko Choy - is on a mission to translate insights from eastern and western design spheres into a common creative language. Listen as she discusses their similarities and differences with Beatrice Leanza, (MAAT), Jamie Wallace and Jee Liu (WallaceLiu). Photo courtesy of Damo Yang.

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