reSITE is a global platform connecting people and ideas to improve the urban environment.

Cities are the sum of designers, developers, artists, citizens, public officials, entrepreneurs, and the displaced, but rarely do each of these constituencies gather in the same room or even speak the same language, and cities suffer for it.

About reSITE

Since its genesis in 2011, reSITE has set itself the goal of making our cites more liveable and lovable.

We organize world-class conferences and events featuring thought leaders whose work pushes the boundaries on how we build, design, regenerate and create life in cities.

Our events, stories, talks and podcast frame the future of our cities through as many lenses as possible and convenes them in one place. All to to make our cities more livable and lovable.

Our events and media sit at the intersection of architecture, urbanism, politics, culture, city-making, design, technology, development and economics, acting as a catalyst for change through social action and innovative leadership. We encourage the exchange of ideas about making cities more livable, competitive, resilient, inclusive, mobile and designed with humans in mind to protect and public space, architecture, and sustainable development in cities.

But, reSITE is literally that room.

We [re]think life in cities like no one else.



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The urbanized world is our playground.


We are...

Exuberant, optimistic, inspired, passionate and maybe a little bit idealistic; a collective of creatives who care deeply about cities, culture and design; champions of thought leaders; crazy about making urbanist theory mainstream; lovers of quality architecture memes; NUMTOTs

We believe...

In cities designed for people; the power of diversity and inclusivity; design as a catalyst for social, economic, and environmental change; dismantling the status-quo; urbanism is for everyone; rethinking, reimaging, redoing, regenerating the urban environment; in mobililty and equity; that good ideas are contagious and that creating friction can resolve problems.

We connect...

The worlds of design, architecture, urban planning, artists, and activists with development, and city municipalities, people with ideas, actors and genius; unexpected pairings; experts with contrasting points of view.

We are not...

offering any surface-level urbanism; all architects and urbanists; close minded; into sustainability as a trend

We collaborate...

across industry to birth new ideas and dismantle the status quo of the way cities are created.

We inspire...

and empower people to act; new collaborations

Explore Our Key Projects

Shared Cities : Creative Momentum

Together with 11 partners from 7 cities, we explore the potential and limits of sharing in urban design.

Visions on creating livable and lovable cities.


What's our story?

reSITE was started because we wanted to listen closer. We were growing tired of what is known as a classic architecture, landscape or urban design firm. We wanted to see how useful we can be in the making of a city by providing new insight with a startup mentality, without profit in mind. Could we create links between professional groups or ideas where other people didn’t see them? We found is that we can remake the city if we listen to people, help them define the problem - and help them act. We always start with 'it's possible,' and never begin with 'no'.”

What Does reSITE Mean?

At our second event, a pretty famous architect stepped on a reSITE stage in front of about 600 people and said something like this: “reSITE. I really hate this name. What does it mean - reSITE? Who came up with this?” We had to laugh. The beauty of this name is that it can mean whatever we want it to relative to cities and sites. We want you to be inspired to reTHINK, reLEARN, reIMAGINE, reDO, reGENERATE the city—your city—when needed.

Who is in our network?

We have network of over 500 global experts and thought leaders who are rethinking and remaking cities at every scale, restoring their respective communities, and seeking ways to rejuvenate the urban environment while reaching for sustainability and resiliancy.

Supervisory Board

  • Adrian Benepe, Executive Vice President, Trust for Public Land
  • Alexandros Washburn, Founding Director of CRUX, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Andrew S. Langsam, Partner, Pryor Cashman
  • Barbara Wilks, Founder, W Architecture & Landscape Architecture
  • Cecil Balmond, Founder, Balmond Studio
  • Craig Dykers, Co-founder, Snøhetta
  • David Chisholm, Co-founder, CMC Architects
  • Gilles Berouard, MD, Havas Worldwide
  • Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, New Cities Foundation
  • Margaret Newman, Principal, ARUP
  • Mark Johnson, Founder, CIVITAS
  • Michael Brown, CEO, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation
  • Nigel Atkins, Partner, Atkins Langford Development
  • Vit Maslo, Partner, CMC Architects

How do they help?

reSITE is really fortunate to be advised by leading international voices in urban development, architecture and culture. We are indebted to those on and off this list, who help us identify emerging trends, solve complex challenges, sometimes help us reach fundraising goals, and they are often awesome ambassadors for our activities.

Get in touch.

Meet the team

Martin Barry

Anna Ježková

Radka Ondráčková

Lída Hasmanová

Markéta Nováková

Adriana Bielkova

Alexandra Siebenthal

Greg Lindsay

Haun Park

Polina Riabukha

Zdenek Ondrak

Kateryna Butskhrikidze

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