Design and the City is Back!

Throughout 2020, many thoughts and questions have arisen in the cities close to our hearts. We’d like to discuss what challenges define the discourse today. In the new season of reSITE’s podcast, Design and the City, we will revisit all aspects of future-proof city-making.

Listen to the Season 2 Teaser:

The first episode, dropping November 10th, features MVRDV co-founder and reSITE alumn, Winy Maas in conversation with reSITE founder, Martin Barry. New episodes from guests across the broad spectrum of design and architecture will be available every week.

We are excited to announce that we’ll be releasing weekly episodes, featuring thoughtful conversations with actors like Vishaan Chakrabarti, founder and creative director of Practice for Architecture and Urbanism, as well the dean of the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley.

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit, known for his documentaries Helvetica, Urbanized, Workplace, and a newly-released short, The Map featuring the redesign of New York City's iconic subway map. We’ll also hear from the editor-in-chief of Madame Architect, Julia Gamonlina, who is casting a spotlight on women in architecture at every stage in their careers. Iconic graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister, joins us for a conversation on his intriguing creative processes and experimentation, to his take on design in our cities.

Meet the newest guests

Winy Maas

Vishaan Chakrabarti

Julia Gamolina

Gary Hustwit

Christele Harrouk

Stefan Sagmeister

A new chapter for reSITE

Typically, we've focused on in-person events, holding an annual conference along with smaller-scale salons to bring various urban actors, who have made an impact on shaping our cities, together to hold discussions on how we can co-create cities that better reflect the needs of their inhabitants. Obviously, due to the COVID-19 situation, having our annual flagship event in 2020 was not feasible

I think it’s really great you make podcasts—it's a super good medium to listen for a longer time, so I hope you do extend this and that your system multiplies, and find a reSITE 3.0, everywhere, so please go on.
Winy Maas, Design and the City

To deliver the same kind of content we present at our events, it only made sense to channel our energy into a new medium that comes straight to you - a podcast. It’s never been easier to share ideas on how we can make are our cities more livable and lovable.

See you next week!

Cover photo ©Ryoji Iwata

Season 1 of Design and the City

A New Generation of Architects with Chris Precht

Chris Precht’s aim to reconnect our lives to our food production by bringing it back into our cities and our minds can be found throughout his architecture. Listen as he discusses the importance of authenticity, creating spaces that activate our senses, and looking at our objective reality to solve the problems of our time.

Giving Design a Higher Purpose with Ravi Naidoo

Ravi Naidoo, the driving force behind Design Indaba, arguably the most influential design event in the world. The event takes place annually in Cape Town is only the tip of the iceberg. Listen as he pushes the boundaries of the purpose design holds with the simple question—what is design for? Photo courtesy of Design Indaba

Fighting Gentrification, Berlin-Style with Leona Lynen

A vast, unoccupied administration building in the heart of Berlin at Alexanderplatz - Haus der Statistik - has become a prototype for gentrification done right. Hear from Leona, a member of the cooperative, ZUsammenKUNFT, as she discusses how they are developing a mixed-use urban space oriented towards the common good. Photo courtesy of Nils Koenning

Human-Centered Smart Cities with Marianthi Tatari

Associate Director and Senior Architect at UNStudio, Marianthi Tatari, dissects different aspects of city-making that threaten the quality of life such as mono-functional spaces and commoditized smart cities and how to approach designing them with optimism. Photo courtesy of UNStudio

More reSITE talks

Winy Maas on Why Dreaming About the Future of our Cities is Essential

Urban planner, architect, and co-founder of MVRDV interdisciplinary studio, Winy Mass, is reimagining cities and public spaces. He shares with us many of his innovative projects and his curiosity about how future cities will rethink functional space in the public domain.

Chris Precht on Connecting Architecture and Agriculture

Chris Precht, Studio Precht, believes that architecture has always been driven by fictional stories that subsequently have had a detrimental effect on the natural environment. He imagines a world where cities are designed to give back space to nature and reconnect our lives back to our sources of vitality.

Bianca Wylie on the Power of the Collective

Bianca Wylie has made waves in the urban design world for speaking out against digital surveillance. She has cast a spotlight on the implications of data mining by private corporations and the commoditization of the data gathered from citizens in public spaces.

Marianthi Tatari on Building the World's Smartest City

Associate Director and Senior Architect and UNStudio Marianthi Tatari believes that technology can play a role in creating more sustainable cities and applies an optimistic approach to its role in our public spaces in lieu of the growing controversies.

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