WIN-WIN: Private-Public Partnerships in the 21st Century at UN Habitat

reSITE in cooperation with Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, Prague Institute of Planning and Development and UN-HABITAT organized a parallel conference "WIN-WIN" on 17 March 2016 as part of the UN-HABITAT European Regional Meeting.

March 17, 2016 | Parallel session at UN Habitat III European Regional Meeting, Prague Congress Center, Czech Republic

The WIN-WIN conference looked at how the urban development environment needs to improve architecture and public spaces via public-private partnerships.

reSITE and co-organizer, the City of Prague Institute for Planning and Development (IPR), in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic and UN Habitat III hosted a free parallel conference at the UN Habitat III European Regional Meeting. Overall, the European Habitat features nearly 4000 experts from all over the world.

The program consisted of three sessions that focused on public-private partnerships for urban development. It was open to all participants of the European Habitat, and featured 15 international and local experts in the fields of economics, marketing, urban development, infrastructure, finance, urban design, landscape architecture, real estate development, planning and civic participation.

Martin Barry at the opening of the WIN-WIN conference.
Martin Barry at the opening of the WIN-WIN conference.


international experts

Panelists and experts

Shuprotim Bhaumik (NYC, US), Petr Hlavacek (Prague, CZ), Pavlina Kvapilova (Freelance Producer, Prague, CZ), Nicolas Buchoud (Paris, FR), Mark Johnson (Denver, US), Martin Barry (Prague, CZ), Marcel Babczynski (Prague, CZ), Lenka Burgerova (Prague, CZ), Jaromir Hainc (Prague, CZ), Jan Sulc (Prague, CZ), Hana Samuelova (Prague, CZ), Charlot Schans (Amsterdam, NL), Bertrand Lemoine (Paris, FR), Anna Jezkova (Prague, CZ), Abel Schumann (Paris, FR).

“We need to experiment with new ways of thinking and planning resilient, robust and smart cities.”
Nicolas Buchoud
“Creative governance is needed for projects that cannot be achieved by any one advocate, which need consistent vision over time, and that need significant capital investment.
Mark Johnson

WIN-WIN Final Report


Martin Barry

Nicolas Buchoud

Lenka Burgerová

Jaromir Hainc

Petr Hlaváček

Charlot Schans

Pavlina Kvapilova

Mark Johnson

Anna Ježková

Shuprotim Bhaumik


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