Let's REGENERATE our Future Cities at reSITE 2019

reSITE 2019 REGENERATE brings a global community of city-makers to Prague full of eagerness to inspire to create an impact on the future of our cities this September 19-20

reSITE 2019 REGENERATE is off to an incredible start with day one under our belt, full of boundary-pushing line-up of thought leaders on every aspect of regeneration.

From taking a deeper look of how technology, or "smart cities", are treading a fineline of commoditizing our public spaces with Not-So-Smart-Cities to seeking ways to reconnecting our buildings with nature like we never have before in Garden in the Machine before diving into Make No Little Plans.

Creativity is the ultimate renewable energy.
Ravi Naidoo, Design Indaba

Design Indaba founder, Ravi Naidoo set the bar high with a moving keynote inspring us all to DO more, following by memorable lectures from Bianca Wylie (TechReset), Chris Precht (Studio Precht) and Mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo. We wrapped up the day with a thought provoking presentation by Thomas Heatherwick (Heatherwick Studios).

The theme REGENERATE is especially close to reSITE’s heart, putting its value to work by initiating Manifesto Market, an impactful, and internationally heralded case or urban regeneration which turned a brownfield into a lively “food’n culture” market in the heart of Prague. So this year we ask...

I want to remind you that you all have power. And you need to start using it. Now. While it’s great to highlight the individual stories and projects, we also need to remember the power and the urgency of the need to operate as a collective.
Bianca Wylie, TechReset

Also happening this year, reSITE has brought back the Live Mic Stage, an inpromptu conversation with speakers like Bianca Wylie and Eva Jiřičná with advice to young place-makers and more thought provoking discussions that allow guests to feel a part of the conversation.

What does REGENERATE mean to you?

To bring new and more vigorous life to an area? To renew, restore, rejuvenate, reanimate, resuscitate, reawaken or rekindle? To improve and amend? An industry? An institution? A city? To revive in terms of the economy? This year at 1, we will ask these questions

Kate Wagner (McMansion Hell), Yosuke Hayano (MAD Architects), and Almada's Mayor Inês de Medeiros are among the anticipated speakers still to come, catapulting Prague into the center of the international urbanism and design world once again.

In total, 50 globally renowned speakers across 4 continents will bring inspiration from the world’s most desirable cities to reSITE’s 360° stage, at the center of a 1000+ audience of innovators, architects, planners, investors, cultural, municipal and real estate leaders.

We have to be mindful when we regenerate.

Explore the essential questions we will address at reSITE 2019, which focuses on actors for cities to REGENERATE themselves inclusively and sustainably.

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Meet The Up-and-Coming Green-Powered Regenerators

Every year at reSITE, architects who are breaking away from the mold are always part of the roster. This year, we are bringing in actors regenerating their cities and communities for more resiliency in times of climate change. Join the conversation on September 19-20th in Prague.

Meet a New Generation of Urban Activists Reshaping Our Cities

In a world where cities are evolving at exponential rates, adaptation is key. Many cities have been stuck in the same decaying cycle leading to their decline, hurting its very own citizens, both young and old alike. Meet a new generation of activists with urbanist agendas at reSITE 2019 REGENERATE

Women REGENERATE Cities at reSITE 2019

reSITE encourages women across disciplines of design, architecture, city leadership to attend the annual conference reSITE 2019 REGENERATE focused on urban regeneration.

What's new at reSITE 2019 REGENERATE?

Find out what you can expect at this year's conference centered on urban regeneration, happening this September 19-20th in Prague.

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